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Our mission is to create major opportunities where others see little chance. Sobi has a simple goal: to ensure that people with haemophilia live the life that they wish for and deserve, full of the experiences they desire.

One goal: a better life for people with haemophilia

Sobi Haemophilia, has one important goal: to help people with haemophilia achieving the quality of life they wish for. This goal drives us constantly to improve the way we work, to find new solutions for all people with haemophilia and their families/caregivers.

If our passion and dedication sometimes seem a little excessive, it is only because we are so committed to providing the best possible care for people with special health needs.

Care is our culture

By always listening to what patients and healthcare professionals want and need, and by working together with the global haemophilia community and leading innovation partners, we are making great advances in improving patients’ lives.

I can say that all of us do not want to get sick. We don’t want to feel under the weather, feeling every ache in our body and you just lose the will to move. We get tired of taking medicine that tastes awfully bad and undergoing painful therapies. There are many diseases in the world today. There are those which are curable and those which are not. Hemophilia is an example of a disease that thankfully has a cure, since it is very troublesome. It is a bleeding disorder that causes abnormal or exaggerated bleeding and poor blood clotting, in extreme cases some people may experience bleeding without an injury. The disease is caused by a genetic mutation, where the proteins that are responsible for blood clotting are affected.

The main treatment for hemophilia is called replacement therapy where concentrates of clotting factor VIII (for hemophilia A) and clothing factor IX (for hemophilia B) is injected on a vein. There infusions help replace the clotting factor that missing or low. If you have a family member or a friend with hemophilia, you must be careful and observant around them because even a small wound can cause heavy bleeding and it will be too difficult to stop. Cheer them up by buying them gifts. For the best discount codes, search them online.

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Our team is working every day to build upon our heritage of innovation in haemophilia care. We are listening to patients, families, physicians and payers about what is needed to truly advance the field of haemophilia treatment today and in the future.

Hemophilia is one of the most common genetic bleeding disorders that cause permanent damage to an individual. These people wanted to live a good and normal life, but they just cannot because of this condition. Some of these victims do not have the privilege that is why they cannot be given appropriate care. These people have a special condition that needs special care for their health needs that is why as people who are capable, we could help them in simple ways. Indeed, there are already treatments available to cure such condition, but it is not yet perfected, so we should strive hard to protect them.

We could also not deny the fact, but some of them have their days counted. Even in simple ways, we could help them by making them happy. We could provide their special needs in order for them to feel that we also care for them. Furthermore, we should strive to bring joy on their hearts by giving them what they want. If you want to buy items with the highest quality at the least possible cost, we could shop from jabong sale.

"By working with all stakeholders, we can support the best possible, lifetime-long outcomes for every patient – going beyond therapy to emphasise early diagnosis, accurate evaluation, family support, long-term monitoring and data collection. We ask you to join in our dialogue with the haemophilia community and help us to connect with your needs and aspirations."

C. Geoffrey McDonough, MD
President and CEO, Sobi.


Modern treatments for haemophilia are very good but they are not yet perfect. There are many challenges remaining in terms of improving haemostatic protection, safety, administration and quality of life for people living with haemophilia.

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Sobi and our partner Biogen Idec recently achieved some exciting research results. Read the press releases here.

Press release about the A Long study
Press release about the B Long study


Sobi’s pipeline programs are focused on recombinant protein drugs for specialist
indications for the global market. At the moment Sobi has two programs within haemophilia in the pipeline.

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